Discount Groceries Online

Buying discount groceries online is an option for nearly everyone, in one way or another.

On-line grocery shopping website abound, from local grocery store shopping online to your favorite emergency or online organic food store, the option to purchase food and have it delivered is available to all stay at home moms.

But why do grocery store shopping online?

Are you really saving any money?

In most cases, no.

On-line grocery shopping usually costs a lot more money, mainly because there are few sales, discounts, and coupon use.

But here are a few reasons (and resources) for buying discount groceries online.

If You Want Convenience

The number one reason for on-line grocery shopping is convenience. Going to your local grocery store takes time, costs money in gas, and can be hectic.

If you menu plan, and have a list of foods you will need in the coming week, it makes sense to just order them online and have someone else deliver them.

In this way, you actually can save money over a standard trip (couponless) to the store.

You save on gas money, and you spend less because only the items on your actual list are purchased.

The store’s merchandising and impulse items don’t work on you.

Where can you buy these sometimes discount groceries online? First, check your local stores. Safeway stores in several states offer home delivery, and your first home delivery is free. Plus they allow you to apply their sales specials to your purchase, saving you money.

Albertsons also offers a limited home grocery delivery area (currently 8 states, I believe) with their Albertsons ToGo program. And if your local stores offer nothing of the like? Here are a few that are a bit more national:



Looking for an Online Organic Food Store?

My choice for saving money with an online organic food store is Yes, your favorite book store sells food, in bulk. Shipping is usually free, items arrive quickly and on time, they deliver nearly anywhere, and you know that quality and customer service are a given.

In fact, when ordering organic grocery items, is a fabulous resource. My kids love Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, so we order them by the case through Amazon. They are SO much cheaper!

Emergency Food Storage

And if you’re looking to buy discount groceries online to further your emergency food storage needs, there are many places that offer great prices for bulk food storage items.

Honeyville is one of my favorites. They offer #10 cans of dehydrated eggs and dairy products, freeze dried fruits and vegetables, and $4.49 shipping on your entire order. Their prices are good, there food is quality, and with the low shipping costs it allows you to slowly order just a few items a month without feeling as though you need to place a huge order for a shipping discount.

Other items like bulk wheat berries and other grains, beans, and vegetables benefit from ordering directly from the source through discount groceries online.

Money Saving Resources

Use the following resources to help you on your path towards frugal food.

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