Frugal Grocery Shopper Savings Tips

Be a frugal grocery shopper by following these grocery saving tips. Every stay at home mom is looking for tips on grocery shopping; how to do it quickly and cheaply.

Take this advice on how to save money grocery shopping, and add your own tips! Let’s help each other save more money!

The Couponing and Save on Food sections of Stay a Stay at Home Mom go over countless methods of how to save money grocery shopping.

Here are a few additional tips that will have you saving money without using any coupons.

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Plan a Menu
Take the extra 15 minutes per week you need to plan a menu to use thorough the week. This will save you time and money and you will be less tempted to go out to eat during the week. Having trouble coming up with a creative menu each week? Check out eMeals.

Make a List- And Stick to It!
Use the printable grocery shopping lists page to make a grocery list. Every frugal grocery shopper recognizes the importance of a good list…but more importantly, they recognize that one of the best grocery shopping tips is to stick to the list! If it’s not on the list, you aren’t buying it!

Use a Pricebook
Start now and create your own unique grocery price book. This will help you determine if the price you see is the best price for a given item. Use this list to save lots of money on groceries.

Leave the Kids at Home
Kids can easily add 10% to your grocery bill. Most stay at home moms will buy a few extra items that their kids want when they are along. A few extra items really adds up! Leave them with your hubby if possible, or exchange babysitting with a friend.

Shop on a Full Stomach
When you’re hungry and you go shopping, everything looks great! You’ll find yourself adding items to your cart that you don’t need, simply because your stomach is talking to you.

It would be cheaper for you to go out to lunch before you go grocery shopping, than to go on an empty stomach. Be a frugal grocery shopper: eat lunch before you go!

Use Coupons
The best grocery saving tips revolve around successful use of coupons. You can actually get a remarkable number of items cheap or even free just by clipping those Sunday paper coupons.

Really. Stop by the Deals and Steals section and I’ll show you how.

Sneak Peak at The Next Money Saving Tip

Like this section on grocery shopping tips? Next week we’ll talk about how to get a free lunch, without using coupons or mystery shopping. We’ll go over fun, occasional ways to dine out with the family without spending a cent, and more.

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How Much Will These Grocery Shopping Tips Save You?

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