Digital Camera Jobs

Digital camera jobs exist for moms who are looking to click their way into cash. There are many ways to make money with your digital camera, depending on your photography experience, skills and interests. You do not need to be a professional photographer to make money with your digital camera.

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Royalty Free Photography

Do you like taking pictures? Pictures of anything: houses, people, paperclips, you name it! What if you could receive royalties from photos that you took and edited? Forever?

This is one of my favorite digital camera jobs. If you have a talented eye, and are able to professionally edit photos, this might be the part time gig for you. You take and edit photos on a variety of subjects and objects. Everything from a group of women gossiping to a photo of an ice cube. You then upload your edited photos onto a Royalty Free website, where you will earn royalties each time a person downloads your photo for use on their website, blog, or promotional materials. Now, your royalties will range in price per piece, as low as 25cents to around $2 each or so, but the more people who download it, the more you earn, and the more photos you have up there, the more that can be downloaded.

Plus, this is residual income. The work you do once will continue to pay you perpetually. There are several photographers who have quit their day job to pursue royalty free photography. For more information, please see: Istock Training Manual

I personally use Istock Photos regularly. I pay for each photo, and am allowed to use them on this site royalty free. They are a quality service, and it is free to sign up for. As a photographer, there are training manuals, and thorough instructions for getting started, which is free. Other Royalty Free Stock Photo Sites:

  • Big Stock Photo
  • Inmagine
  • DreamsTime

If stock photography interests you, I highly recommend the ebook “Sell Your Digital Photos”.

Photographic Field Services

One of the digital camera jobs for those of us with less photography experience and limited editing skills, the world of Photography Field Services can be a profitable, and interesting option. As homes are refinanced, sold, or foreclosed on, banks and mortgage lenders are in need of appraisals of the various dwellings for their files.

Part of the appraisal process requires banks and lending institutions to have a current photo of the property. This is where you come in. Banks will pay you to go to a property and photograph it. You do not need to go into a home, or interact with the owners/residents in any way. You simply take the required photo and submit it to the lending institution.

This service is also needed for Rvs, boats, and cars. The payment for each assignment varies, but starts at around $10-25 and can be significantly higher, depending on the number of photos needed, the location of the item being photographed, and the speed in which the assignment needs to be completed.

This type of work goes hand in hand with the Mobile Notary jobs. While you probably will not get both the notary and photography job of any given refinance, you may get similar jobs in the same area, making it worth your while for going to a particular location. With successful planning, you could make a couple hundred dollars a day doing this type of work.

Best part about this…you can load up your kids and bring them along! The best resource I have found for Photography Field Services is an eBook written by John Carroll. He also includes a list of companies that hire for this type of position.

Mystery Shop Audits

Another way to break into the digital camera jobs world is to accept auditing assignments from mystery shopping companies. You would take simple photos for your assignment, and may or may not let the management know that you are doing it.

The pay is roughly the same as a typical mystery shop. This is great to do in addition to other mystery shops.

Other Photography Services

There are several other digital camera jobs and ways to make money with your digital camera. The sky is the limit! Here are some ideas:

Local Advertising Service

Photographing Babies or Teens

Wedding Photography

Selling Photos on eBay

What type of photography that you love?

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