eBay Experiment

I’ve been an eBay seller, off and on, for over 7 years now.

I have sold everything you can imagine on eBay, from kitchen flatware to an RV, to information products, bath soap, diabetes monitors, and even a car.

I have had literally thousands of transactions, some buying but most selling, in my eBay career, and have had over 2,000 positive feedbacks.

eBay has always been an occasional hobby for me.

Sure, I saw it as a source of income, but despite emptying the contents of not one -but two- households, in addition to a 3 month stint as an eBay store owner, I never have sat down and made a concentrated effort to make a regular income on it.

I’ve told others how to get started on eBay, and how to make money, but now I’ve decided to actually show you, step by step, what I do. I’m going to explain the process as it happens, in real time, in my $500 eBay experiment.

Instructions on How to eBay:

Getting Started on eBay

What to Sell on eBay

Listing Items on eBay

Shipping Items on eBay

All About Feedback

Advanced eBay Users

Other Auction Sites

eBay Affiliate Program

Here’s how the experiment will work

My goal is to take $500 in cash, and turn that initial investment into $1,000+ income per month.

This will happen within 90 days, and will earn me an ongoing income of $1,000 per month at that time. I will document my journey finding products to sell, how much items are costing me, what kinds of eBay and paypal fees I incur, how I ship items, etc.

My goal is to show everyone exactly how it is done and help others duplicate my success.

What I have that others getting started do not

I realize that I am in a better position than most when it comes to my $500 eBay Experiment. First, I have the experience it takes to know what to buy and what to avoid. Second, I have a 7-year, 2000+ feedback score that will allow me to command higher prices and a better level of trust from my buyers.

Most of those reading this experiment do not have this experience and feedback, so their results will not equal mine. But my point here is that it is possible! All you need to do is get started!

What kinds of things can I sell:

I plan to sell both via an eBay store as well as through one cent auctions on eBay.

These are the types of items I plan to sell, though I may decide to do other things along the way:

Homeschool BooksMary Kay MakeupGarage Sale FindsFree Items/Good Deals Obtained through CouponsStuff from Around My HouseSince everyone has miscellaneous stuff around their home that they could sell on eBay, I am not including the original price of these items in my $500 investment. So this will increase the amount of money I will have to work with.

I also have some supplies like a few (maybe a dozen) bubble envelopes, one roll of packaging tape, and a postage scale.

The $500 eBay Experiment:

Follow along with the posts below to see the experiment in action:

Accounting Page: What I’ve Spent and What I’ve Earned

Week 1: August 7-August 13, 2008

Week 2: August 14-August 21, 2008

Week 3: August 22-28, 2008

Week 4: August 29-September 4, 2008

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