Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Christmas gifts on a budget are possible when you plan in advance! Learn tips on how to budget gift ideas for unique inexpensive gifts. Thinking about holidays all year long makes for terrific, cheap holiday gifts.

The most important way to save money on gift giving is to plan in advance. Create an action plan that you follow throughout the year and stick to it!

You know when the holidays are. You know when your children’s birthdays are. You know that your kids will probably be invited to a handful of birthday parties throughout the school year.

So make it your goal to plan in advance the gifts you will give for cheap holiday gifts.

The Gift Closet

If you do not currently have a Gift Closet in your home, you need to start one today. This is an excellent way to have Christmas gifts on a budget. A Gift Closet does not have to be an actual closet, it can be a box, or a shelf if you’d like, but it does need to be a place where you can store gifts to be given out throughout the year.

Each time you come across an item that can be used as a gift, even if you do not have a particular person in mind for that specific item, add it to the Gift Closet. This way, when you are in need of a last minute gift, or you are tight on cash, you have your own shopping store!

Planning Your Gift Closet

Stocking Up

There are many good times to stock your Gift Closet for budget gift ideas.

After Christmas
The best time of year to Christmas shop is right after Christmas! Hit those 90% off sales (Target has wonderful ones) and buy up all the Christmas wrap, decorations, and gifty items you can store. Many times the items on clearance don’t say “Christmas” on them at all, and can be used for any holiday. Some sets, like bath or perfume sets can be removed from Christmas packaging and repackaged in a Gift Basket for another gift occurrence. A great way to create unique inexpensive gifts.

After Other Holidays
Even after Easter, Valentines Day, Halloween, and Independence Day, check out the sales. A flag inspired dish set on clearance for $3 after the 4th of July might be the perfect gift for Aunt Suzie for Christmas, as her home is done in Americana. Christmas gifts on a budget are possible with a little imagination.

Your strategy should be 3-fold:
Save for Next YearMake it Work for Another HolidayRepackageIf you can do any of these things with it, and it is a good buy, get it!

Coupons and Refunds

The incredible world of coupons and refunds can give you a never ending supply of gifts.

You will need to start early in the year to plan for these types of gifts, as not everyone appreciates a lifetime supply of bar soap, razors, or tampons as a Christmas gift, but with a little foresight you can come out with some really great Christmas gifts on a budget!

For instance, one year I was able to get a Senseo coffee machine for free through couponing. Talk about a wonderful addition to my Gift Closet. Anyone in my family would have loved that!

Christmas Account

If you are not the best at hitting the after holiday sales, or if a Gift Closet sounds like too much work for you, the best thing you can do is to set aside a predetermined amount of money each month to use for gifts.

For example, if you have decided that you will spend a total of $1200 for all gift giving this entire year, then each month put $100 into a special savings account to save on gifts. As you buy gifts, take it out of that account. This will keep you on track.

What ways do you plan your holiday spending?

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