Best Cloth Menstrual Pads

Menstrual pads. Not the most delicate of subjects, but an excellent place for stay at home moms to save money with tightwad living. Learn this frugal idea for ways to make your own or buy cloth and save.

In this day and age, stay at home moms are balancing all kinds of things-kids, husband, and budget. When you think “frugal living,” thoughts of feminine hygiene probably don’t pop into your head right away, but finding ways to save money can be tricky and require you to look in all areas of life, including your personal care products. Here’s a frugal idea that’s simple and affordable.

Believe it or not, tampons and Kotex pads haven’t always been around in a woman’s time of need.

It wasn’t until 1921 that the first disposable menstrual pad was invented and even longer before they became commonplace.

Before the advent of purchasing menstrual pads in a store, women made them by using old rags or a variety of other fabrics.

They would be washed, dried and reused as needed.

With the arrival of disposable pads, the cloth menstrual pad went out of style. However, this frugal idea for feminine protection is making a comeback for a variety of reasons!

Disposable pads may be convenient for stay at home moms, but their cost can add up over time. Though the initial cost of buying a cloth pad can be pricey, they last for years if properly taken care of, thus making them a more cost effective option in the long run. Another way to cut the cost of this type of menstrual pad would be to learn how to make them yourself.

Cloth pads are more environmentally friendly. They don’t clutter up the landfills and even the ones that eventually need to be replaced can be made of fabric that is less harsh on the environment. In addition to that, this frugal idea also has fewer chemicals on it, making it safer for your body and preventing TSS (toxic shock syndrome).

They can be washed and reused, making them a big money saver right there.

Let’s face it, the womanly cycle isn’t always a picnic and can be downright unpredictable. Using cloth menstrual pads require planning and forethought.
It’s important to have a Ziploc bag or something to store soiled pads in when you are away from home. Otherwise, you will stain it. Cleaning them can be a delicate task, too.

It’s easy to lose money on this frugal idea if you don’t soak them in cold water or if you bleach or dry them incorrectly.

How Does It Work?
Actually, cloth pads are very similar to disposable pads. Though a little thicker, they are more comfortable.

The big questions most women have is how do you clean this style of pad? Soaking them in cold water when through with them is the key. They can also be thrown into the washing machine with your other clothes, too. Be careful not to bleach them as this weakens the fabric.

Make Your Own Cloth Menstrual Pads
So how does a stay at home mom go about making the most of this frugal idea? Many websites and companies sell the cloth pads and allow you to customize the color, cloth type, and shape.

Darker colors are a popular choice since they make any staining less visible. As mentioned earlier, this may appear to be a bit pricey at first, but since they last for years, it’s cheaper than always buying disposable sanitary products.

However, if you want to take the frugal idea of using cloth menstrual pads further, try making them yourself. You will need a sewing machine, cloth, and instructions on the process. The following link shows how to create a cloth pad and what kind of material to use. It also provides tips on care.

Make Your Own Pads

Creating menstrual pads may seem a small way to save money for your family’s budget, but every penny counts!

Buying Cloth Pads
If you’re anything like me, sewing machines might have it out for you. (Don’t ask. Really long story.) Lucky for us stay at home moms, there is Amazon! Here are some of my top picks.

How do you save money on menstrual pads?

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