Free Food Coupons

Free food coupons. Everybody wants coupons for free products, but how do you get them?

From online contests to calling manufacturers, learn how to get coupons for free stuff, and when free product coupons are too good to be true.

I love free product coupons. I usually have a dozen or so different coupons for free stuff stashed in my portable coupon clutch, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

There’s nothing better than getting something absolutely free.

Well, that is, except getting a lot of something absolutely free! But how, exactly, do you get free food coupons? Are they legitimate?

Where to Get Free Food Coupons

Manufacturers regularly give away coupons for free products. There are many strategies to acquiring these free product coupons. Here are some of my favorites:

Sunday Papers
Most coupons for free stuff can be found right in your regular Sunday paper. Items like candles, dog and cat food, blood glucose monitors, candy bars, and other snacks are found every few weeks. Stock up on the ones you will use, and trade the rest (do you REALLY need a can of dog food if you only have cats? – trade or donate your freebies) with other coupon users to come out ahead.

Online Giveaways
This year, I’ve had some real luck in finding several free product coupons being given away directly from manufacturers online. Now, you can’t print them on your computer (too much fraud) but they will mail you one instead.

How do I learn about these deals? I’m too busy to scour the internet daily looking for them, so I pop into the private message boards at Savings Angel every morning and check out the deals. I pay very little for my membership there, and constantly get up-to-date, priceless information.

Rewards Programs
Some free food coupons can be had by various rewards programs. For example, MyCokeRewards gives away free 20-oz bottles of Coke when you enter the codes from the caps of bottles, or codes on boxes. I’ve gotten dozens of free Coke coupons this year thanks to someone on Craigslist giving me a huge bucket of caps.

Calling Manufacturers

Probably the best way to get free food coupons is by calling the manufacturers themselves. Manufacturers often send out coupons for free products to customers who have experienced a less-than perfect product, in an effort to promote product loyalty.

Have you ever opened a product and got less than you bargained for? Perhaps a 24-count package of chicken nuggets only contained 23, or a soda in a 12-pack tasted flat, or the inner plastic packaging of a product was faulty, causing the product to be rancid.

Chances are, this happens to you every once in a while. The next time you have a legitimate complaint about a product, don’t just throw it in the trash and chalk it up to bad luck, find the contact information for the manufacturer on the box and give them a call.

Tell them why you are dissatisfied.

The manufacturer will offer you free product coupons for your issues. They will want to know specific information from your product, such as the bar code as well as computer generated numbers found somewhere on the packaging that indicate where and when it was manufactured. They will take your contact information and send you one, or several free food coupons (no need to ask, they will offer them to you).

And don’t feel bad about this. If you have a legitimate problem with a product, the manufacturer owes you a replacement.

Plus, you are giving them valuable information about issues with their product. Think of how many others are having the same problem. You are helping the manufacturer fix errors.

Also, don’t forget to call manufacturers with good news, too! They most likely will not send you coupons for free stuff for a call telling them you are a happy customer of their products, but do ask to be put on their coupon list. Occasionally, (and I really mean occasionally) you’ll be sent coupons for free products, but usually you’ll be sent regular, smaller coupons.

Important Note:

I’m sorry I have to say this, but I think I better. Please, do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, call a manufacturer with a fictitious complaint.

It’s just not worth it for a couple coupons for free stuff. It’s the equivalent of stealing, and if many people do this, then they will cease giving away coupons for free products.

If you are that desperate for free food coupons, after perusing these pages on coupon usage at Stay a Stay at Home Mom, then maybe you should investigate your local food pantry. Seriously. Saving a few bucks is not worth fraud.

Sometimes, It’s Too Good to Be True

The methods of finding free food coupons that I have listed on this page are legitimate. But there are methods that are not. Some coupons for free stuff are counterfeit.

Using a counterfeit coupon, either innocently or with the intent to deceive, causes stores and manufacturers to lose money, and causes all coupon users to come under suspicion.

There are so many deals out there now, which make it easy for all of us to get tons of stuff free, that there is no reason for anyone to generate or use counterfeit free product coupons. You can avoid fraudulent free food coupons by following these simple, logical tips:

1. You cannot print coupons for free stuff online
With very rare exception, a manufacturer will never post coupons for free products online. It is too easy for dishonest people to copy hundreds of free food coupons instead of the perhaps one coupon that was intended. If a friend (probably innocently) sends you a PDF file with free product coupons in it, it’s probably counterfeit.

2. Don’t buy free product coupons off eBay
For some reason, eBay is a haven for those looking to counterfeit free food coupons. Do yourself a favor; just say NO to coupons for free stuff on eBay, unless they are free product coupons that you know came out in the Sunday paper recently. You’ll find all kinds of coupons for free products on eBay. Some are legitimate, some are counterfeit. Unfortunately, sometimes its hard to tell which ones are good.

More Information on Counterfeit Coupons

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