Supplement Income: Ideas For Working From Home

Supplement Income. Supplementing our husband’s income is very important in order to stay a stay at home mom.

We don’t necessarily have to go out and become a work at home mom – WAHM – however.

We can supplement income in small ways, depending on needs.

Before adding more income or work at home jobs, however, we need to make sure that we know where our money is going, and we have done everything in our power to keep our expenses small.

For this reason, before getting started on earning more money with work at home jobs, you need to do Steps 1 and 2 necessary to be a successful stay at home mom. You need to:

  • Reduce Expenses
  • Stretch Your Dollar

If you haven’t fully examined these sections yet, I highly suggest doing so before moving on and thinking of becoming a work at home mom.

It is Far Easier to Spend Less Than it is to Earn More

It is completely pointless to spend all our time trying to earn money as a WAHM to spend when we haven’t first taken the time to plug the leaks caused by wasting money. In order to stay a stay at home mom, it is our job to closely monitor our spending and this should be done long before we attempt to add more money to our households. Please take the time to go through these sections and implement whatever money saving strategies your family can benefit fromfirst.

The supplement income section will still be here when you return. This site is about options. There will be many people out there that will try to fill your head with the thought that the only way to make additional income is to open a home based business through Direct Sales or Network Marketing.

These people are wrong. While both can be extremely profitable and life changing, they are only extremely profitable and life changing for those who are suited to this type of industry. If you are uncomfortable speaking to people, or selling or recommending products, stay away from these industries. There are many other work at home jobs.

While I am not in any way trying to discourage you from starting out in these industries in fact, I highly recommend them- I want you to realize that I am here to be honest with you. All of the ideas and resources here are designed to assist you in helping your family. None of the ideas presented are “Get Rich Quick” methods; in fact, all take a great deal of time and dedication.

Every opportunity that is legitimate out there takes time and dedication. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something. If you want to “Get Rich Quick”, play the lotto and cross your fingers, but please, leave this site now. No matter where you are in your life, no matter your education, situation, or interests, there is the perfect opportunity out there for you. It is completely possible to earn supplement income at home without returning to the workforce. All you really need to do is find out what you will be good at and go do it.

Offline Income

There are many excellent work at home jobs and opportunities for earning supplement income available in the offline world. You can do simple things that require no skill, preparation, or much of an investment of time, such as Research Studies, which can give your tired brain a much needed rest after so much time spent with the kids.

Or, you can choose to supplement income in a way that is positive and meaningful, and give back to the world with Surrogacy and Egg Donation.

Put your skills to good use and branch off into an offline income source that is personal to you, or jump into a turnkey operation, where you simply follow instructions and watch the money roll in.

  • Offline Income Sources, Tips, Ideas and Resources Page

Online Income

Many stay at home moms have found the advent of the internet and the various opportunities available online to be a lifesaver. Yes, you can stay a stay at home mom! You can have your cake and eat it too! You can be a work at home mom sometimes, and watch your children grow. It is completely possible.

SAHMs who have babies at home, who lack transportation, or who have limited time available to dedicate to supplement income are able to use the internet to gain income easily, and at their own pace.

The internet is a wonderful opportunity for those who are homebound due to disease or injury as well. The online opportunities list is expansive and growing everyday. Everything from selling on eBay to online surveys to doing customer service phone calls is available online.

Do you write? The possibilities are endless for you. Like to take pictures? Wouldn’t it be nice to earn perpetual royalties on them?

  • Online Income Ideas and Information Page

Website Profits

I am a firm believer that if you are alive, you need a website. Everyone has a wealth of information and a whole website (or two or three) inside them! And it doesn’t matter what the website topic is.

Any hobby, skill, interest, or experience that you have can be turned into a profitable content based website. You do not need to sell a product or service, or join a business opportunity in order to form a successful site.

You also do not need to know any technical jargon or need design skills whatsoever. Even if you choose another route as your supplement income source, it is a good idea to consider building a website in addition to it. Your supplement income source might be home daycare. You could parallel a website on that topic, and profit on your knowledge of kid friendly snacks, preschool activities, or legal forms for others wanting to open a home daycare. This section is also a valuable resource for those who already have a website. Learn helpful tips on how to gain more traffic and monetize your website.

  • Create a Website and Earn Website Profits

Build a Website

Before we move on, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about how this one thing, building a website has changed my life.

This site, Stay a Stay at Home Mom, is dedicated to helping SAHMs live off of only their husband’s income. But creating this site, along with it’s sister, Information on Surrogacy, has allowed me not only to live on one income but to have my husband leave his job as well. We are now traveling the country, with our children, in our RV, living out our dreams. All this, in a poor economy!

I also wanted to mention here, least you think that a website on business opportunities is what makes money, that it is my second site, Information on Surrogacy, which does much better financially. What I am trying to say here is that everyone knows something, and that something can change your life. Learn how this website was built. You could make your dreams come true too.

Direct Sales

Direct Sales companies are the home party plan methods to supplement income. These are the Tupperware parties and the AVON lady that you are familiar with. The Direct Sales industry has grown to encompass hundreds and thousands of different companies, where as a WAHM, you can find everything from clothing to bath products to tools.

While traditionally these types of businesses have been done exclusively offline, it is now possible to successful run a Direct Sales business exclusively online, to supplement income, without ever having a home party. Many consultants and managers in this industry do both. The Direct Sales section goes into detail about the industry, various companies and opportunities, and even has a section full of valuable tips and resources for those who are already involved in direct sales. You can make your business work!

  • Direct Sales Information and Resources Page

Network Marketing

Network Marketing is very different from Direct Sales. This is a business model that focuses on recruiting others to become distributors in your organization.

Stay at home moms earn a monthly residual income based on their purchases, and the purchases made from those they recruit. Like Direct Sales, Network Marketing has traditionally been done offline, but is now becoming an online and offline business opportunity.

With Network Marketing, WAHMs have the ability to make substantial money more than most other opportunities offered on this site, but it is not the right opportunity for every person. You need to know that you have the confidence, the determination, and the ability to self-start and really go out there and shine to be successful. A work at home mom who chooses network marketing also needs to be able to see the big picture and work towards the future. For those who can do this, the sky is the limit! The Network Marketing, aka MLM or Multi Level Marketing section will explain to you everything you need to know to get started in this industry, and will give you tips and resources on how to be successful, whether you choose to run your business online, offline, or both.

Even though these methods of earning supplement income are sometimes not considered “real” jobs, make sure that you do not treat them as hobbies. Treat them as the most important position you have ever had, and they will be. Remember, there are those of us like me that make it work beyond our wildest dreams.

When you become an independent contractor, and go into working for yourself, it is even more important for you to follow the two fundamental rules for employment:
Show Up on Time andDo What You’re ToldWhen working for yourself, the most valuable asset you have is your reputation. Your future supplement income sources will depend on this reputation. If you do not take your reputation and responsibilities seriously, as a work at home mom looking for work at home jobs, you will find yourself in a bad situation, unable to supplement income in your chosen field. This might be the World Wide Web, but those in your respective niche do talk to one another, and everything you do online is permanent.

Safety Precautions

It is important to realize that although this is a site dedicated to SAHMs, we are still online, and as such, we need to take certain safety measures seriously.

Remember, everything you do and write online, will be recorded forever. Be careful with your reputation.

Also,even though someone may claim to be a woman, who is interested in your business opportunity, it may in fact, be a criminal who is only interested in scamming you or causing you harm. Often we forget to arm ourselves with the very basics in defense. We need to take measures to make sure that we are doing business in a safe manner. Make sure you are taking these safety precautions and know about these scams:

  • Envelope Stuffing Scam
  • Mystery Shopping Scams
  • The Pyramid Scheme
  • eMail Rumors
  • Nigeria Schemes
  • Online Stalkers
  • Do Business Safely

What ways have you chosen to supplement your income? What have you tried that has worked wonderfully, or failed miserably?

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