How to Become a Gestational Surrogate Mother

Looking to become a gestational surrogate? Want information on how to become a surrogate mother?

For those that choose to become a surrogate mother, a surrogate pregnancy can be a wonderful gift for both families.

Lawyers, fees, testing…all demystified and defined.

Surrogacy: You’ve heard about it.
You’re curious….but clueless.

**Get Paid $18,000-$25,000**

How do you become a Surrogate Mother?
What exactly IS a Gestational Surrogate Mother?Is it right for your family?

Important: You MUST Know Before Going Any Further:
Want to learn how to become a gestational surrogate? A Surrogate Mother MUST have had at least ONE successful pregnancy of her own before she can be considered for a surrogate pregnancy (there are no exceptions to this rule)

If you are considering surrogacy to become a surrogate mother, don’t go into it blind! You don’t want to put yourself into a risky situation due to ignorance! Find out how it all works before you sign those papers.

A True Surrogacy Story – Don’t Let This Happen to You!

“When I was new to surrogacy, having just become a gestational surrogate, I almost made a horrible decision. I was so eager to get started and become a surrogate mother that I almost put my family into a devastating situation.

It was only because I had chosen the right surrogacy lawyer for myself that I didn’t sign a horrible contract that I would have regretted.

I met a wonderful local couple who we seemed to have a lot in common with. We decided to proceed with the surrogacy, and I began to take the tests their clinic required as our lawyers put together our contracts.

After their lawyer had submitted the final contract to my lawyer, my lawyer called me to let me know there was a tiny error that needed to be fixed.

It seemed like a typo.

The contract they gave us said that a DNA test would be completed after the surrogate pregnancy, upon the baby’s birth. If it was found that either the intended father or the intended mother were not the biological parents of the child, then the intended parents had the option of walking away from the child, and the surrogate (me) would be responsible for paying back all fees associated with the entire surrogacy, including the couple’s attorney fees, clinic fees, agency fees, and every other expense for the entire journey, and would also be responsible for the child.

Now, that type of wording was pretty standard in a contract, to protect the intended parents in case the surrogate breaks the rules and gets pregnant with her own child, but there was just one problem: the couple was using an egg donor.

The intended mother could not possibly be found to be the genetic mother.

We let them and their attorney know that there was an error here, but they all refused to make the changes. My lawyer told me that this left a loophole in the contract so that the intended parents would be allowed to reject a less-than-perfect child.

When I mentioned this to my intended parents, they just kept saying that that wasn’t what they intended, yet no one would fix it. After two months of arguing about it, I finally walked away from the arrangement.

I could not put my family at risk like that.

In the end, they never even paid for all the testing that their clinic required. I was left with bills of almost $2,000, and my lawyer never got his fees. My lawyer worked for me pro-bona, and eventually recovered my expenses from the intended parents. I was so glad to have had a lawyer who was able to find that typo, and potentially save my family from a devastating situation. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had signed those papers.”

What You Need to Know

Find out why you need a lawyer, even if you’ve become a surrogate mother for friends….

Learn the truth about a surrogate’s compensation, and find out exactly how payments are made…..

Read real-life examples from an experienced surrogate who has been-there and done-that…..

Get the information you need to find the perfect set of intended parents to work with…..

Find out the answers to these important questions about how to be a surrogate…and more!

  • Is it legal?
  • Do I qualify?
  • What will my friends think?
  • What should I tell my children?
  • What kinds of people need surrogate mothers?
  • Will I get to see the baby?
  • Will I have twins?
  • Who will pay my expenses?
  • Is the baby related to me?
  • Do I need a lawyer?
  • What happens if something goes wrong?
  • Who is listed as the mother on the birth certificate?
  • Is compensation involved? Will I get paid?
  • How much money do surrogates make?
  • How does it all work?

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