Earn Income at Home

Earn income at home. It’s something most moms who are looking to stay home with their kids aspire to. But most of us need ideas to make extra money. That’s where this challenge comes in. Throughout the course of a year, you will learn how to earn extra money – in a way that fits your personality, lifestyle and goals.

$10,000 Doesn’t Seem Like Enough – Can I Make More than That?

Why $10,000? After all, many of us want to take our husbands home from work as well! $10,000 is a realistic first goal in your quest to earn income at home.

Concentrate, this first year, on making a little less than a thousand dollars a month. Get to that point, and grow from there. I’m all about realistic expectations and accomplishing goals! And know that the ideas we will go over in the next 12 months are just that: realistic ways to earn income at home.

That’s what we are going to accomplish in the next year. Yes, an entire year. You won’t be able to make $10,000 overnight; it will take time, and a commitment to following the path that is right for you.

It takes time to build a business. Time and a whole lot of effort. But there are millions of moms out there who have done it, and I know you can do it too.

The goal is that at the end of the year, not only have you learned what method of earning money at home is right for you, but you have a solid foundation to build on in the years ahead.

  • Week 1: Finding the Best Opportunity for You
  • Week 2: Earning Pocket Change
  • Week 3: Get Started with Direct Sales
  • Week 4: Become a Mystery Shopper
  • Week 5: Become a Surrogate Mother
  • Week 6: Find Lost Money
  • Week 7: Instant Affiliate Marketer
  • Week 8: Profit from Your Knowledge: Become an Infopreneur
  • Week 9: Digital Camera Jobs
  • Week 10: Work with Rayven: Jerky Direct
  • Week 11: Become a Business Coach
  • Week 12: Cash in on Storage Units
  • Week 13: Public Speaking Profits
  • Week 14: Write a Book! Profit as an Author
  • Week 15: Opportunity Pops: Kettle Corn Kraze
  • Week 16: Become a Webmaster
  • Week 17: Start an Honor Service
  • Week 18: Become a Childbirth Doula
  • Week 19: Profit from Scrapbooking
  • Week 20: Become an Amazon FBA Seller
  • Week 21: Become a Ghostwriter
  • Week 22: Become a Virtual Assistant
  • Week 23: Make Money on eBay
  • Week 24: Sell Crafts on Etsy
  • Week 25: Join a Network Marketing Opportunity
  • Week 26: Make Money with Flea Markets & Craigslist
  • Week 27: Start a Vending Machine Biz
  • Week 28: Welcome Wagon Profits
  • Week 29: Start a Restaurant Delivery Service
  • Week 30: Become a Private Tutor
  • Week 31: Party Planning Profits
  • Week 32: Start a Home Daycare
  • Week 33: Alternate Child Care Services
  • Week 34: Fundraisers for Profit
  • Week 35: Profit with Mommy Blogging
  • Week 36: Get Published on Kindle
  • Week 37: Setting Up Your Business
  • Week 38: Murder Mystery Money
  • Week 39: Start a Gift Basket Business
  • Week 40: Candy Wrapper Cash
  • Week 41: Earn Extra Cash on Fiverr
  • Week 42: Make Money on Mini Sites
  • Week 43: Help Seniors and Earn Money
  • Week 44: Profit from Pet Services
  • Week 45: Become a Graphic Designer
  • Week 46: Earn Cash from Your Coupon Stash
  • Week 47: Start a Santa Letters Biz
  • Week 48: Work as a Phone Rep
  • Week 49: Clean Houses for Cash
  • Week 50: Invent Something

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