Party Games for Consultants

Have you been using the free party games for consultants listed in the Home Party Consultant section? There are lots of different games listed, and while they are free, you still need to put the time and effort into copying them into a word document, editing them to suit your style, and creating the suggested templates from the various ideas.

But, if you simply don’t have the time to do this (and coming from someone who has taken the time to do it, I can tell you, it will take you quite a bit of time), you can purchase the games in a printable ebook with the templates already done and ready to go. No need to go through the dozens of pages, finding graphics, and creating materials. All of it is done for you and ready for your next in home demonstration.

Plus, more games are included!

Party Games for Consultants

Part One – Recruiting Game

Are you looking to kick your in home demonstrations into high gear? This fantastic set of Recruiting Games will help your party be the most talked about this season.

Part One – Recruiting Games contains:

  • 10 Games w/ Instructions
  • 2 Colorful Templates for Games

Part Two – Hostess Coaching Games
It’s a fact. If you have an engaged hostess, you have a more profitable party. And we’re here to make money, right? These HostessCoaching Games will engage her and her guests.

Part Two – Hostess Coaching contains:

  • 4 Games w/ Instructions
  • 2 Colorful Templates for Games

Part Three – Ice Breaker Party Games
Are your guests a little shy when they arrive at the party? It’s hard when they don’t all know one another! But this set of games designed to break the ice will have them all becoming fast friends.

Part Three – Ice Breaker Party Games contains:

  • 24 Games w/ Instructions
  • 5 Colorful Templates for Games

Part Four – Action Games
Do your guests seem a little tired? Are you ready to get them up and moving? This set of action games will have them jumping up and down – in laughter! Remember, the more fun they have, the more money they will spend!

Part Four – Action Games contains:

  • 15 Games w/ Instructions

Part Five – Thinking Games
If puzzles sound like your guests’ idea of a good time, you don’t want to miss out on this set of party game! It includes two of my personal favorites (Just One Word and Read the Instructions).

Part Five – Thinking Games contains:

  • 12 Games w/ Instructions
  • 6 Colorful Templates for Games

Part Six – Prop Games
No templates for this set! It’s all about bringing your own props to play these fun games. You’d be absolutely amazed at what you can do with clothespins or a few cotton balls!

Part Six – Prop Games contains:

  • 13 Games w/ Instructions

Part Seven – Food Q&A Games
Are you feeling a little hungry? If your party plan company revolves around food, this is the perfect set of games for you to get your guests hungry for fun!

Part Seven – Food Q&A Games contains:

  • 8 Games w/ Instructions
  • 7 Colorful Templates for Games

Part Eight – Animal Themed Games
Sometimes it’s fun to shake things up a bit, and that’s exactly what this set of animal games will do. You’ll have guests literally crowing about this one! They’ll really get into it.

Part Eight – Animal Themed Games contains:

  • 6 Games w/ Instructions
  • 3 Colorful Templates for Games

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