Create Your Own Theme Party System

Dear Direct Sales Distributor,
Are you tired of begging guests to “help out the hostess” by booking their own show? Do you cringe at the thought of asking every single guest, no matter how uninterested they appear, to date a party? Are you discouraged by the sheer number of “nos”?

What would it feel like if instead of coercing guests to book, you actually had them approach you, ready to book a show before you even had a chance to tell them your name? Would this mean more income for your business?

Stop Letting Your Parties – And Your Money – Literally Walk Out The Door

I’m Rayven Perkins. And after 10 years in the direct sales industry, I’ve seen it all. I know from firsthand experience how critical it is to book more parties for your business to survive. And I know that when you have a full date-book, you have a full bank account.

I’m going to share with you my technique for dating more parties and getting my hostesses – and guests – excited about my shows. The more excited they are, the more products they buy!

But my success was not just handed to me the way that I am going to hand it to you. No, it was the result of a serious problem with the way my business was going. You see, I was a first time mom at 20 years old, trying to justify the loss of income to stay home with my newborn son. We had just moved cross-country from living near my husband’s family to living near mine. I really didn’t know what I was going to do to earn some extra income.

But then my mom said to me one day, “You know, I really want to have a Tupperware party, but I don’t know any consultants.” This was it! I thought. I’ll become a Tupperware consultant! I knew I’d be successful, even though I had never actually been to a Tupperware party (unless you count the one I went to with my mom when I was 8 years old).

So I called up Tupperware and they put me in touch with a local manager who happily signed me up. Three weeks later I was giving my first party, at my mom’s house. I was so excited when 34 guests showed up! The demonstration was a success! I demonstrated my products with confidence and closed the party with over $1,000 in sales.

There was just one problem. Only one guest decided to book a show. One guest, out of 34! I will admit; though I loved talking about my products and playing games, I really felt funny asking all my guests to open their homes up to me. And as guest after guest turned me down, I went from feeling funny to getting embarrassed. Despite the sales success of the show, I began to worry that maybe this direct sales thing wasn’t for me.

I Realized Early On In My Direct Selling Career That Without Bookings, My Business Would Literally Dry Up

And then it dawned on me: I really needed to find a way to hook my guests, from the beginning, into the concept of booking a party. What could I do to get their attention?

I looked through the stacks of party games my manager had given me, and one of the pages illustrated how consultants could take a funnel, melt a chocolate bar inside it, and produce a giant chocolate kiss. And I thought to myself, “why on earth would you want to make a giant chocolate kiss at your party…unless…UNLESS you were going to the party around Valentine’s Day!” And the concept of the theme parties was born.

I spend the next two weeks reading through the hundreds of game ideas my manager gave me. Then I spent another four weeks combing through every bit of information on parties I could find online and in my local library. I called up friends I hadn’t talked to in way too long. I asked other moms about games they had played at their baby showers and bridal showers. You see, I wasn’t just looking for information from other party plan consultants; I was looking for theme ideas.

I took all of my research and came up with a kit for each theme I decided on, with invitations and games and even special tips for my hostesses. I filed the information for each theme into a tote for easy access.

Then, I created a pretty page on cardstock with a little info on each theme and placed it into a binder. When I got to my second party, I was ready. I placed the binder on the coffee table and set up my demonstration.

As guests started to trickle in and mingle with one another, I noticed something very interesting. First one woman, and then another started to browse through the theme book I had left on the coffee table. I started hearing things like, “Wow! That looks like fun!” and “I want to try that one!”

Before The Show Had Even Started I Had Booked TWO New Parties!

The amazing thing was that there were only 16 guests at this party compared to my mom’s show that had 34. Yet despite this fact, I booked FOUR shows altogether, and officially launched my direct sales business into overdrive!

Let Me Help You Implement a Booking System That Works!

I’ve taken all the best themes I have developed over the years and have put them together into a complete kit with REAL themes already outlined for you, to solve your hostess booking dilemma forever. My complete step-by-step kit is chock full of fun party themes, games, invitations, and instructions.

I’ll give you everything you need to not just entice guests with well thought out themes, but complete instructions on how to perform them.

In fact, this guide makes it so easy – as easy as offering your preschooler a pixie stick – to date parties and book shows that you may run out of room in your datebook!

Once you get your hands on the “Create Your Own Theme Party System” kit, you’ll have a complete set of themes, invitations, demo instructions, games, newsletters, thank you cards, and more, – all created with your business building needs in mind!

By implementing this easy-to-follow kit, you’ll learn how to take your in home show demonstrations from tolerable, to terrific!

Coming up with all the material for each themed show is not easy. It could take you weeks to figure out what games to play for a theme, and how to put it all together. Add to that the time it would take to practice your demonstration and see if guests are even interested in it.

But here the work has all been done for you! I want your home party plan dating efforts to succeed!

Behind Every Successful Direct Sales Consultant, There’s a Powerful Organizational System – Just Ask Those at The Top

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what other home party plan consultants, who realize that the future is theirs for the taking, have to say:

I Make it Easy for YOU to Achieve Direct Selling Success

Order your copy now!

My Kit Gives You Step-by-Step Instructions Every Step of the Way!

You will see exactly how to create your own theme party system out of simple supplies you can pick up from an office supply store: some cardstock, some sheet protectors, and a 3-ring binder.

This guide includes simple instructions on how to offer the following themes:

Auction Party

Banana Party

Girl’s Night Out

Superstition Party


There is NO Other Guide Available that Shows You These Themes

I am positive, you’re going to love “Create Your Own Theme Party System”. You’ll get the information you need not just to create a fun and fabulous show, but to book more parties and set up a complete system to organize your guests, hostesses, and other customers. If you’re looking for a way to set you apart from your competition:

Use My Kit and Create the System You Need To Book More Shows and Increase Sales – You Deserve It!

Look at What’s Included in the kit:

9 Complete Themes to Captivate Potential Hostesses’ Attention in Less than a Minute: add these colorful templates to your coffee table book (pg. 4)

4 Bonus Themes: Learn what 4 themes every consultant should have in her theme book (pg. 6)

Hostess Coaching Packet: the perfect info packet to give to your hostess to ensure that she has a successful party – and you have successful commission – what to do, when (pg. 8)

Invitations and Thank You Cards: Invitations and thank you cards to mail to guests and hostesses for every theme (pg. 14)

Theme Specific Game and Demo Guides: Step-by-Step instructions on how to do a themed party – each them has its own guide! (pg. 21)

Theme Specific Guest Newsletters: Find out why giving your guests a newsletter can skyrocket your sales and datings! (pg. 25)

Templates: Complete set of games, demo ideas, newsletters, hostess coaching packets, invitations and thank you cards for each theme! (accompanying templates)

All this valuable information is neatly organized in an easy to follow guide to help you achieve YOUR goals and dreams of dating more parties and earning more income, RIGHT NOW!

What is This Unbelievable Guide Going to Cost YOU?

Think about this.

What is the cost of not having any parties dated? What is the personal cost of weeks and months of being stressed out over how you will find more hostesses to book shows?

Think carefully about that! “Create Your Own Theme Party System” gives you the information you need to create your own, unique, high-quality party theme book that you use to get more bookings – for a fraction of what you’d pay for simple business materials from your party plan company.

The retail value of this book is $37, but because I am passionate about helping those in direct sales, I have set the price for much lower – but I am not sure how long I can keep this incredible resource at this low price. Take advantage while you can.

In fact, consider how this minor investment can keep you from experiencing a slow-down of datings due to the struggling economy. You will have everything you need to create fabulous and entertaining parties – so you will be giving your guests a reason to entertain themselves despite economic uncertainty. You’ll always be able to throw fantastic parties that capture the attention of guests – and land you more parties- while other direct sales distributors won’t be as lucky. Take advantage of this limited time price reduction – NOW, and get this amazing kit for only $16.

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