Online Surveys

Online surveys can be a fun way to earn some extra pocket change each month.

With the exception of Cash Crate, none of them will earn you anything substantial, but they do pay, and you will earn money.

Many online survey sites also pay for completing offers.

Many of these offers are simply profiles you fill out for some advertising company to send you literature.

Some of the offers require you to do trial subscriptions to various services.

Some of these companies pay in cash, while others pay in points towards prizes such as gift cards, or contest entries.

I personally use all of my online surveys earnings and winnings for gifts for the extended family.

This is, of course, with exception to Cash Crate where you can earn hundreds, if not more, per month.

Most of the survey notification is done by email and when you complete offers you must enter the same email address you signed up with.

Because of this, you will be getting a lot of extra emails, some of them ads from various companies.

I would suggest you get a free email account somewhere, such as from gmail, to have these offers sent to, so that you do not clog your main email address. Much like MYSTERY SHOPPING, you will need to apply to each program individually. You will need to fill out their intro surveys, over and over again, but it will be worth it in the end. Most places only offer 1-2 surveys per month, so you will want to make sure you are on all the lists.

Also very important to mention, be sure and confirm your membership! Most of the sites will email you a confirmation link that you need to click in order to become active in the system. If you do not click this link, you are not going to receive any offers.

A few links are mass sites, with many survey programs to offer. Sign up for each of these sites. Yes, some of the info will overlap, but you might find a real gem in there. Plus, its free! So you might as well take advantage of it.

Please don’t pay someone for a survey list. They are here for free.

Cash Crate

Get paid for Online Surveys and Offers

So what is the big deal about Cash Crate? Well, first, its free to join.

They offer pages upon pages of high paying offers and surveys, and they have an unbeatable referral program.

Not only do they pay you to refer a friend, they continue to pay you a percentage of what your friend earns from completing surveys, forever! Refer enough friends, and make a lot of money!
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US and International Online Surveys

My Points

Survey Savvy


Opinion Outpost

Survey Networks

The Net Panel

Greenfield Online

ECN Research

Survey 4 Profit

Survey Adventure

American Consumer Opinion


Product Test Panel

Opinion Square

Lightspeed International

A.W. Surveys

Survey Adventures

Permission Research

Nielson/Net Ratings

Give Me Fifty $50 Dollars


Opinion Surveys

Paid Expressions

Paid Surveytopia

Rewards Gateway

Survey Princess

Survey Depot

ACNielsen’s Homescan Consumer Panel

Civil Vote Survey – Presidential Election

Global Survey Group

Vindale Research Panel

Austrailia Only

CIAO Marketing

Paid Survey

The Great Australian Survey

New Zealand Only

The Great New Zealand Survey

United Kingdom Only

The Great UK Survey


UK Consumer Study

Opinion Surveys UK

I hope this list will get you started on your exciting path of making money with online surveys!

Make sure you fill out all the profile surveys in order to get the best response and the most online surveys offered to you.

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