10 Easy Tightwad Tips

1)Energy Efficient Lightbulbs
I replaced our 6 most frequently used lights with these squiggly looking bulbs just to try it out. I was really surprised to find that we are now saving an average of $20 per month! Oh, and don’t forget to turn the heat down at night.

2)Cut the Feet Off of Footsie Pajamas
Yes, it’s very weird, but it’s what my mom used to do. If I got too tall for my footsie pajamas in the middle of the winter season, my mom would just cut the feet off. It’s not the most attractive look, I’ll admit, but who the heck cares, the kids only sleep in them anyway.

3)Shop Online During the Holidays
Many people think you pay more by shopping online, but this holiday season, I proved ’em wrong! The day after Thanksgiving is a HUGE sale day in the cyber world. Most retailers offer FREE shipping, PLUS, if you have a coupon code, you can save even more! You can use coupons in one of two ways:

1) enter the code off of a paper coupon, these are the ones you receive in the mail, etc.

2) if you don’t have a paper coupon, search online for a coupon code.

This is very easy to do, I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you want to buy a toy at XYZ Store. So, you go to your search engine and type in “XYZ Store coupon code” and voila, a list of codes for XYZ Store! Many times, you can save 10%+ on your ENTIRE purchase. The best part is that the packages are delivered right to your door, no crowds to fight and you can compare prices at the click of a button for even more savings!

4)Shop Off Season
Two weeks after Christmas I got wrapping paper 90% off and Christmas ornament frames for only 39 cents each! These will make great gifts.

5)Shop the End Caps at Department Stores for Clearance Items
Even if it’s an item you can’t personally use, think of who you know that may be able to use it, then, save for a birthday or holiday gift.

6)Consider Joining Netflix
If your family watches a lot of movies, this can save some money because there are NO late fees PLUS with certain plans, you get unlimited rentals for one set monthly price (I suggest going to their site, determining the best plan for you, then dividing the average number of movies you watch per month by the monthly fee. If it’s lower than a rental from your video store, it may be worth signing up). You’ll also save on gas, because the DVD’s will be delivered right to your door (postage is prepaid). Much cheaper than going to the movies!

7)Sign Up for Online Bill Pay from your Bank or Credit Union
This saves you from having to buy so many stamps. Just check first to make sure your bank/credit union does not charge a fee for this service.

8)Don’t Buy Greeting Cards for Kids Gifts Whenever my kids get invited to a birthday party, I never buy a card to go with the gift. They will usually just get thrown out anyway. Instead, just make a quick gift tag with construction or scrapbook paper OR have the kids make a homemade card.

9)Make your Kids Birthday Cake Instead of Buying One

10)Color your Hair at Home Instead of Going to a Pricey Salon
If your hair isn’t that long, it’s pretty easy to do. If it’s longer, maybe a friend could help.

Hope these tips help!

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