Multi Level Marketing Online

Whether multi level marketing online or promoting the best home party business (yours!), stay at home mom businesses have several online options.

There are online direct sales home parties that even network marketers will find useful as well as several other options for home based direct sales or multi level marketing online.

How To Use Multi Level Marketing Online

How do you market your business online?

The Internet is a wonderful place to promote your direct sales home parties business.

You are able to research anything in the world, and find the information you are looking for.

The only problem with the internet is its anonymity.

People the world over want to interact with other people, not with computers.

Moms all over the world want to interact with other stay at home moms, promoting their stay at home mom businesses.

The beauty of this is that those in network marketing and direct sales or any other of the stay at home mom businesses have a strong advantage over huge corporate conglomerates online.

The problem is blending in with everyone else.

In order to make it with direct sales or multi level marketing online, you need to stand out.


By making a name for yourself.

1.Signature Lines
Make sure you are using your email�s signature line function for ALL of your emails to advertise your home based direct sales or MLM business. Don�t just type your name and your website, but make it creative, and eye catching. For example:

I cannot tell you the number of leads for my network marketing opportunity that I have gotten from my signature lines. I try to change them around every few weeks to keep people interested.

2.Create a Website
Create a personal website that drives traffic to your business website. This is one of the best options for a stay at home mom who has the time to put into it.

Multi Level Marketing Websites

If you are not looking to build a huge content rich website, then make sure you at least have a squeeze page before your company site to give your customers and potential recruits a little more information about you.

3.Website Forwarding
No way you can get a website? Then at least consider purchasing a domain name and having it forwarded to your site. Instead of having a site that is

purchase a domain name, for example,

and have it forwarded to your company sponsored website.

How to Forward a Domain

4. Post Your Picture

Take a nice picture of yourself for all your multi level marketing online activities. Anywhere that it is appropriate, post your picture when talking about the best home party business (yours) or your multi level marketing opportunity.

As customers and potential recruits recognize your name, it helps to have a face to recognize to go with it. This is especially important for moms to recognize other stay at home mom businesses. Of course, take safety precautions with your personal information.

5.Link Exchange
Do you currently exchange links on your website? Forget a dump page on your website where you have links to competing businesses in an attempt to improve your Google rank. Use the free ValueExchange tool to help you get into contact with sites that will complement yours, and add value to your site. THAT is what Google and other search engines look for: value.

6.Send Samples
Does your company offer its home based direct sales consultants or network marketing distributors samples for purchase? Well then, purchase them! Send them out to potential recruits or customers. They will get a chance to try your product and will come back to you because of your generosity and professionalism.

Product Samples

7.Follow Up
I cannot stress this enough.

Follow Up!
Follow Up!

8.Niche Marketing
Make sure you Find Your Niche and create a specific online marketing plan to suit that particular niche. This can be the single most important thing you can do for stay at home mom businesses. If you create a direct sales or network marketing website, you want to fashion it after your niche. Your product and (the best home party business, yours!) opportunity can be reworded to fit into any niche that you belong to.

9.Yahoo Groups
Join several Yahoo Groups that pertain to your unique niche. Make sure you have those signature lines ready! Participate in discussions and network with others to further your personal and business goals.

10.Message Boards
Another way to use multi level marketing online to advertise your stay at home mom businesses is to start and participate in discussions at various message boards that fit your niche. Put your website info in your message board signature, and keep your posts on the topic at hand. This is an excellent online marketing method to get traffic to your site!

11.Online Vendor Parties
A great way to get your name out there is to participate in Online Vendor Parties. Keep in mind, you present at these parties to build a reputation, not to gain tons of sales.

12.Online Directories
Find internet directories that relate to your niche. You can then submit your website to the directory and they will provide a link to your site. This is important to gain traffic as well as to gain link popularity at the search engines. Some directories charge, others do not.

13.Button and Banner Ads
You will find several websites in your niche market that will offer you the chance to purchase a button or banner link relatively inexpensive. If the site gets a lot of traffic, and you feel it is worth it, this can be a good online marketing option. If you don’t have a button or banner ad for your business, you can have one created rather inexpensively by other stay at home moms on resources such as the

14.Networking Sites
Check out the list of Social Networking Sites that you can join to get some multi level marketing online advertising. I will caution you not to spend all of your time at these sites, as it can lead to an unproductive day. But they can be quite useful for growing a business.

15.Solo Ads
You may consider placing Solo Ads in eZines and other sources to promote your product or business opportunity. These ads can be a great bang for your online advertising buck.

For more ways to market your business online, see the Website Profits Page. Hopefully these multi level marketing online ideas will get the wheels turning in your brain (always the ultimate goal at Stay a Stay at Home Mom). Have fun with the various ways to advertise your business online, and you too can stay a stay at home mom.

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