Direct Sales

Direct Sales.

Is the Direct Selling industry the right fit for you?

If you’ve been online for longer that a minute, you’ve heard about various Direct Selling companies, aka Home Party Plans. Companies like Tupperware, AVON®, Pampered Chef®, and Home and Garden Party®, to name a few.

There are literally hundreds of different Party Plan companies.

List of Party Plan Companies

Direct Sales is not the perfect opportunity for everyone. 

In addition to a relatively small start up fee, those involved in party plan companies will need to invest in education, supplies, product, and sales materials on an ongoing basis. 

The costs of these items are generally low, but completely necessary for the home consultant professional.

In addition to being able to provide a great commission on items sold, you are able to build residual income with party plan companies by building a team of other consultants, whom you mentor and train.

You earn compensation, trips, rewards, and other incentives based on their sales as well as yours. Want more information?

  • What is Direct Sales?
  • List of Party Plan Companies

Growing Your Business

The beauty of the direct selling industry is that it is a solid business plan with decades of testimony.

Our mothers and our grandmothers before us have been successful in this business, and we can learn from them.

There are so many excellent references and resources in this field.

Take the time to go through the following pages to help grow your party plan business.

  • Direct Sales Supplies
  • Direct Selling Resources
  • Niche Marketing
  • Finding Your Niche
  • The Importance of Giving Out Samples
  • Why You Must Follow Up
  • A Word on Discounting Product….
  • Offline Advertising Methods
  • Direct Selling Women’s Alliance
  • Send Greeting Cards to Grow Your Business
  • Why People Fail in Direct Sales

Online Resources

With the invention of the internet, there are no bounds to the direct selling industry. 

What used to be accomplished inside the home now can be conducted anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night. 

Home party consultants now have the ability to grow their team and their business online, or may choose to conduct business exclusively online, never holding a single in-home demonstration. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some resources for conducting your party plan business online:

  • Online Advertising Ideas
  • Effective Online Leadership
  • Online Vendor Parties
  • How to Squidoo

Party Plan Games

Those of us who do conduct in-home demonstrations know that the most important part of a home party is entertainment.

The more fun the party is, the larger the party sales totals are.

And the more fun the party is, the more guests will choose to book an in home demonstration with you!

Finding new and interesting games and dating ideas is very important, as is offering a variety for repeat customers.

The following resources should help you out as you grow your direct sales business.

  • Dating Games
  • The Straw Game
  • The Rose Game
  • The Theme Book
  • Party Themes

Direct Selling Website

Chances are your company offers you a generic, copy-cat website where you can direct your customers for either more information or for online orders.

Some companies charge a monthly or annual fee for this website, while other companies provide this for you for free.

Irregardless, you should take advantage of this if you are interested in conducting any business or team building online.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that your site will bring in any orders on its own; the very nature of the website and its design make it impossible to be found by the search engines.

In addition to the company provided website, you need to consider putting together your own website to direct customers to.

Most companies have rules and regulations about the use of their name or products on personal sites, but it is fairly easy to create a content based site without breaking these rules.

Stay at home moms who choose to become involved in multiple direct selling or multi-level marketing companies generally want one site that showcases all of the companies they are involved in. Your website can be earning you money in ways other than promotion of your products while you are at it.

  • Create a Website
  • Earn Website Profits

The party plan industry may be the perfect fit for you. If you are considering starting your own business, it can’t get much easier.

Direct selling companies handle all the hard stuff for you: creating product, manufacturing, marketing materials, tracking and shipment, patents, business requirements.

This leave you free to do the most important part: marketing. Give it a try! The most you have to lose is a small start up fee.

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