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Looking for Site Build It reviews? Starting a wahm website or stay at home mom websites can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how this Site Build It webmaster created an SBI website that works, and see how you can do it too.

There’s an SBI website in all of us. Everyone has hobbies, interests, skills, or experience in some aspect of life that can inspire others, and that will make perfect mom websites.

It doesn’t matter what your passion is, it can be made into a profitable website. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for a designer, you don’t need to know computer programing, and you don’t even need to sell products on your wahm website. Using these Site Build It reviews, you can create a wahm website that will bring you a nice supplemental income (possibly more).

SBI Site Build It is about commitment. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a work hard, and you can have a legitimate business program.

And Ken Evoy who created SBI Site Build It has always gone out of his way to express to people that this is not an easy way out; it is an opportunity.

For this reason, the purchase price of SBI Site Build It has always been handled by paying for a complete year at one time, with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

But times are tough right now. Real tough. And $300 all at once is a fortune to a lot of people.

So a new, recession buster price has been established, due to popular demand. Now you are able to start off your SBI Site Build It subscription for just $29.99 per month!

It comes out to cost $60 more in the long run, so only choose this option if you need to. It’s time to put those Site Build It reviews to the test! Start your site now; there’s no telling when this offer will disappear….

Our Site Build It Webmaster Story

People think I’m pulling their leg when I tell them that I make a living on my mom websites without selling a thing.

And they just cannot understand how my websites have afforded my husband the opportunity to quit his job as well.

Yet that is exactly what has happened. You want Site Build It reviews? Becoming a Site Build It webmaster has changed our lives.

As of this writing, my family of four (kids ages 8 & 10) are living our dream of being on a farm in Texas. We are about to build a 100% mortgage-free home. We are able to do this solely because of our SBI websites.

What’s Site Build It?

It would be hard to do Site Build It reviews if I didn’t explain what SBI was, and how it can help you to create a website on any topic, skill or interest you have that really makes money. SBI! is an all-in-one website platform that offers everything someone would need to create a successful website.

SiteBuildIt allows users to create a profitable content based website on any topic. SBI! quietly runs in the background, automatically taking care of things like web hosting, tracking, and search engine submission, while teaching you the things you need to learn, like proper content writing, and keyword research and placement..

Why Site Build It Reviews?

So why Site Build It? Well, let me tell you what happened to me.

I knew I needed a website to share all my stay at home mom ideas with the world, but I knew nothing about design (and quite frankly, had no desire to learn any HTML or CSS).

So I went out and hired a designer. They aren’t that expensive now-a-days.

I found a wonderful designer, who charged a mere $300 for 5 pages. Any additional pages were $20 each.

So I then tried to describe my thoughts on what the site should look like. This is a little more difficult than it seems, but eventually I compromised with the designer on a design.

Then I bought a domain for $10. Then I bought hosting, from the designer, for $10 a month.

And my designer charged me an additional $10 a month for minor page updates.

So, what did I spend?

5 Page, Non-SBI Website:

  • $300 for 5 pages designed
  • $10 for domain name, annually
  • $10/month or $120 for hosting
  • $10/month or $120 for updates

$550 for the first year of the site

Then what?

I went through the entire first year of my site, my $550 investment, and did not make a single cent. At that point, I thought that the internet and websites were sort of like winning the lottery; some people just got lucky.

I wasted so much time and money on that site. I knew I had a great site concept, and that I could help other moms looking for realistic ways to stay home with their children, but my site just didn’t work.

I was clueless.

I didn’t know that now that I had a site, I needed to figure out all that search engine stuff and website marketing. Oh, and I needed to figure out how to track stuff, like where people came from to get to my site, and what page they last viewed. And I needed to get the visitors to actually come to my site.

You see, my first failure of a site lacked one key ingredient: traffic. (Believe it or not, but you don’t just stick up a website and wait for the traffic to start pouring in!)

If you don’t have traffic, it doesn’t matter how pretty your website is, no one will be buying anything. I had no traffic, and I didn’t even know that I had no traffic! And that means I didn’t have a business.

I was extremely fortunate to have found Site Build It reviews when I did.  My life has totally changed for the better since I became a Site Build It webmaster.  I only wish I would have found those Site Build It reviews sooner.

Before finding Site Build It, I never knew that there was a place I could go where I could just do my website myself. Where I could update my pages everyday if I wanted to, instead of once per month. Where I controlled my business, not someone else.

I didn’t know that there was a place that would submit to search engines for me, and teach me about things like keywords and meta tags. And they even bought my domain and hosted my site too!

SBI Websites

Domain name

Website hosting

Keyword brainstorming

Block-by-block website builder

Search engine submission

Search engine optimization

Ezine Publishing (for newsletters)Directory ranking report

Keyword reports

Link tracking

Step-by-step Action Guide

User forums

Marketing and Monetization Guides

Traffic stats

Link exchange program++So much more!
All for $299 annually

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