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Multi level marketing websites.

Create a MLM lead generating machine.

Multilevel marketing websites do the best MLM internet network marketing and are able to create safe MLM leads.

Are you looking for safe MLM leads that don’t cost a fortune and a consistent MLM lead generating system for stay at home mom businesses?

Why Safe MLM Leads are Needed

Typically, when you join an MLM company, your upline will tell you to just bring your friends and family on board, or to talk to everyone you meet and you will make it in this business.

So most new stay at home mom businesses do just that…..and it doesn’t work.

So then your upline tells you to purchase network marketing leads from a verifiable lead company, and that should work.

In order to make it with leads you need safe MLM leads, that is, ones who know what they are asking more information about, and are not being bombarded by multiple distributors from multiple companies.

It would also help, would it not, if these safe MLM leads were also presold? What if THEY contacted YOU?

Where Network Marketing Leads Come From

Reader Discretion Advised (I feel like I’m telling someone the truth about Santa Claus)

Have you ever watched late night TV and seen those infomercials promising that you will make millions in your spare time, or on the internet, all you have to do is call this number?

You may even have recognized them as an MLM opportunity and felt upset, as you know that the claims made on the infomercial were huge exaggerations, and those poor people who called were most likely part of the Get Rich Quick crowd and would soon be disappointed. Well, Virginia, that’s where network marketing leads come from!

That’s one of the places. There are similar sites up online, and even some survey networks pay visitors to sign up on their lists.

So here’s how it works: They get the contact information from these types of sources, then sell it to you in one of two ways: at a premium rate or at a discounted rate. The difference? The discounted rate means that the lead is sold to many many more MLMers while the premium rate says they sell it only to you (but how do we really know that).

The result: either you’re contacting a Get Rich Quicker who expects to breathe and make money, or you’re contacting someone who doesn’t even realize they signed up for some work at home information. And chances are, you’re not the first one to contact them!

MLM Internet Network Marketing

Many distributors for many different companies have tried to expand their business online, following company guidelines and using company provided materials, but have failed miserably.

Most have tried because they’ve heard that the internet is a great MLM lead generating sources, and their company gives them multi level marketing websites. But few have made it. Why?

Mainly because most of those companies and stay at home mom businesses are going about the net all wrong. MLM internet network marketing is NOTHING like offline marketing. Yet most people bring that offline mentality online with them. For example:

Company Provided Multi Level Marketing Websites
Most companies offer their distributors a website where their customers can go for more information about the business opportunity, or they can buy products.

Some companies charge for these sites, some give them to their distributors free. All are bad. Yes, that’s right, all are bad.

Why? Because they are all identical. To Google and the search engines, having 1,000+ replicated websites are considered spam, and they are frowned upon big time. What does that mean? That means that the search engines will go to great pains to ignore your duplicated website completely, making it nearly impossible for someone to find you by searching.

Government Regulations
There are many government regulations with the MLM industry. Most commonly are the rules against making claims of income that would deceive would-be distributors. A company who does this gets fined-big time!

Your company may have rules and regulations about how you are or are not allowed to mention their name. Why? Simply because they are terrified that their distributors are going to go out and cause THEM to pay a hefty fine to the government. That’s why the rules are there. Making it difficult to promote them on multi level marketing websites.

Offline Mentality
The offline mentality of sharing your business with everyone within a 30 foot radius simply doesn’t work online. With so much flash and sparkles online, most potential recruits will simply ignore you. No, online its about getting others to hear your voice, to know you and to trust you. Only then will they be willing to take one of your recommendations or to join your business.

And what about the advice that your company and upline gives you? Remember, these are the ones who gave you the duplicated websites in the first place! They have that same offline mentality, and don’t know internet marketing either. That’s why they have distributors. THEY are the marketers, not the company.

Multi Level Marketing Websites

MLM internet network marketing = It’s time to put the NET back into NETwork Marketing! The truth is, it is possible to build an entire MLM business strictly online without ever leaving your home.

No more bugging family and friends until they feel sorry for you. No more trying to come up with the guts to talk to strangers in the check out line. No more fear of rejection.

Now you can build multi level marketing websites that work, providing MLM lead generating while earning multiple streams of income. How? With SiteBuildIt! (SiteBuildIt! was used for this website, as well as my other two.) What is SBI! (Site BuildIt!)?

SiteBuildIt! for Network Marketers

SBI! Is a complete multi level marketing websites building platform. It provides all the tools you need to be successful online and to create a profitable, MLM lead generating website. This proven system does all the technical work for you, while teaching you everything you need to know to build the site you need. All this while offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee. (When was the last time a MLM company offered their distributors 100% back on their sign up fees??)

Now, this is not for Get Rich Quickers or those not serious about their MLM business. Because that’s what network marketing is; not a lotto ticket, not for gamblers, but an actual business, and if you treat it like a business and are in for the long-haul, then you do have the ability to succeed and stay a stay at home mom.

Stop paying for useless leads Generate your own. Interesting thought: when you stop paying for those network marketing leads, what happens? Your business stops growing, right? So who owns your business? You or the lead company? Hmmm….. Wouldn’t it make sense to generate your own leads, and own your own business?

How Multi Level Marketing Website Should Work

With SBI! you can have multi level marketing websites that work. How?
You own your own leadsYou no longer need huge and ever expanding circles of friends and acquaintances to botherAnyone, anywhere, in any life-stage with any personality can now succeed in network marketingYou aren’t given the penalty for having a duplicated websiteYou aren’t breaking any company or government rules and regulationsYou know that you aren’t part of the Get Rich Quick crowd, you are building a real business in order to stay a stay at home momYou own your niche and own your businessWith an SBI! site you will be creating a content based site on one of the products or benefits of your company. Your visitors will arrive from all over the world and come to know and trust you. You will build a relationship with these visitors, and they will contact you to become customers or distributors for your business.

The goal? 4-5 HOT leads per day. These are leads already presold to you, your products, your business, and are ready to sign.

Example Niche Site

For multi level marketing websites, let’s do a quick example on how I could build a website for my network marketing business. Let’s say that I love the line of gourmet scented candles(and I do, so this isn’t a stretch for me.)

I decide to build a website talking about how our quality candles can be used as a profitable fundraiser to groups across the country. I use a feature of SBI!, BrainstormIt! to research what people are looking for when it comes to fundraisers. This feature gives me ammunition to create a whole website about this topic.

So, following SBI!s C-T-P-M Process, which I learn about while following the program (content, then traffic, then presell your visitors, then monetize your website), I created a content based website that attracts those looking for fundraising solutions.

What happens? The search engines like me because I have unique content, and they give me free traffic. My MLM company isn’t mad at me, because I have not broken any of their rules.

After a few months of hard work, I start to get hundreds of visitors per day. About 1-8% of these visitors want to more information about my candle fundraisers, and some want to join my opportunity to earn income doing fundraisers in their area.

Another percentage of my visitors click on ads placed for other products on my site, earning me money from a different source. And yet another percentage of my visitors go on to find out more information from some of my partners, again, earning me another stream of income. So my site has several purposes, all of them producing me income.

If I ever decide to leave the candle company, I still have a profitable website, and could find another fundraising opportunity to fill the need.

Who Multi Level Marketing Websites are NOT For

Multi level marketing websites are what can make you succeed online. But they aren’t for everyone. They aren’t for those who are looking for a hand out, who believe that a network marketing business is a lotto ticket and overnight they will “win” $5,000 a week.

They aren’t for those who are looking for short term results. It takes time to build a website. How much time is up to you. Those who do not have outside employment have more time to build their site, but someone who can only fit in an hour a week will take longer.

For those who are in MLM internet network marketing for the long haul, and want quality multi level marketing websites that work, that are MLM lead generating machines, then this is the right tool for you.

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