Fun Cheap Things To Do: Save Money on Entertainment

Fun cheap things to do with your family on a family outing are really not as hard to find as most stay at home moms assume. This list of ways to save money on entertainment will give you lots of great ideas on places to go and things to see.

There are many fun cheap things to do with your family that don’t cost a lot. Even if you have a larger family with lots of kids in tow, you can save money on entertainment and put some bonding moments in the family history books. These tightwad living entertainment activities will have you spending time with your family without spending lots of money.

Local Museums
Find museums in your local area that allow free entrance. Some may always be free while others will offer free admittance on certain days of the week. This of the fun cheap things to do is a great way to get out with the family while learning something.

Local Parks
Get to know your local park system. Most families go to the park at some point in time, but most don’t know even half of the parks that are open in their community and surrounding neighborhoods. Look up a list of parks online and make it a point to get out there and explore every single one of them.

Call up your local shelter and ask if they can use some free dog walkers as part of your search for fun cheap things to do.

You can teach your children about animal welfare, get some exercise as a family, and maybe find a new pet if you’re home is open.

Go Fishing
What does a fishing license cost in your city? If you don’t know, it’s time to find out. Once you purchase the license, it costs very little to head out to a local river or pond and sink the line into the water.

Go Horseback Riding

There are a lot of horse stables around that will let you go for a day ride for a very reasonable price. This is one of my family’s favorite things to do. Don’t worry, if you don’t have all the gear, most have boots and helmets for you. Just make sure to wear comfortable jeans.

Go Fly a Kite
Head out to the dollar store and purchase kites or learn how to make your own. All you need now to save money on entertainment is an open space and some wind.

Cheap Seats
Find your local Regal Cinemas and take the family for a free movie on the Tuesday of your choice. If you love movies, then this could become a fun cheap things to do weekly tradition.

Hike Around
Guided hikes are often held in state or local parks completely free of charge. This is a safe way to explore the trails with the family while learning something about your natural surroundings.

Library Resources
Discover what’s happening at your local library. There is more to do at most libraries than check out books for free. Many offer several options for fun cheap things to do. You can also take the kids to readings and low cost or free seminars and workshops. Most libraries will have free summer reading programs with prizes.

Just Dance
Call around to dance studios in your area and inquire about free classes. Many studios will offer certain classes for just a few bucks while others may have limited free classes.

Sound the Alarm
Take the family to explore your local fire department. Give them a call first. Most are more than open to family or group tours at convenient times. This is completely free!

Barnes and Noble
Go to and determine if there is a store near you. Call them up and ask about their free story time. You can take your children in for a story while you sit back and sip a cup of coffee or just enjoy the story with them.

Michael’s Crafts
Go to and learn about their free to low cost craft classes for fun cheap things to do. Children can often make crafts in the store for free and there are adult sessions for free or $2 from time to time. You may even call stores in your local area and ask for specific details to that store.

Home Depot
Check out the workshops at Home Depot as well. They have some great kid’s workshops offered for free. This is an educational way to save money on entertainment for the family.

Lowe’s also offers free hands-on programs that can help you save money on entertainment. Go to to learn about their free Build and Grow clinics for fun cheap things to do.

Family Garden
Set aside a plot of land on your property for a family garden. Seeds are very inexpensive and growing your own fruits and vegetables will help you save money on groceries. Gardens take work and there will be a job even for the littlest in the bunch. If you don’t have available space, try a container garden. That just costs a bit more since you have to invest in the containers and soil. Check Freecyle and Craiglist for people giving containers away.

Farmer’s Market
If you aren’t quite up to growing your own produce in the backyard, find a local farmers market and explore regularly with the family. You may still save over grocery store prices, and if not, just exploring what is grown locally is a great way to find fun cheap things to do.

Picnic Lunch
Put together a picnic meal, throw a blanket out on a sunny day, and enjoy some relaxation in the sun. You can do this under a shady tree at the local park or just in your own backyard. The cost is limited to what you put into the meal.

Natural Surroundings
Visit a nature center. This is a great way to teach your children an appreciation for nature while seeing beautiful flowers and wildlife in your area. You can use this as a convenient resource: List of US Nature Centers

Play Ball!
If you have a large family and aren’t afraid of some gentle teasing, why not split into two teams and have a family touch football game? This can also be played with groups of friends or neighborhood kids. The fun cheap things to do cost is absolutely nothing unless you have to buy the ball.

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