Free Birthday Meals

Free birthday meals are about the only good part of getting older (once we moms cross a certain age).

These free birthday clubs will give you a free meal on your birthday, and make the whole day a little brighter.

While this page specializes in how to get a free meal on your birthday, there are many free birthday clubs from retail establishments and specifically for kids that you can find on this page.

Take advantage of these businesses that offer free birthday meals to brighten your day!

Receiving a free meal on your birthday is a special treat that doesn’t cost your family a dime.

Take advantage of all restaurants offering free birthday meals and everyone in your family will enjoy a birthday month full of special treats.

Baskin Robbins Birthday Club
Top off your birthday with a 2.5 ounce scoop of ice cream. Go through all steps of the registration process and include all members of the family so everyone gets the scoop at their special time.

Ben and Jerry’s Chunk Spelunker
This isn’t a clear cut way to get a free scoop on your birthday, but word has it one of the perks is something special on your special day. Wouldn’t hurt to sign up and see.

Benihana Chef’s Table
Gather around the Chef’s Table and get a $30 gift certificate to be used during the month of your birthday.

Bennigan’s E-Club
Rumor is Bennigan’s sends out a BOGO deal and gives free brownie ice cream desserts for birthday members.

They don’t advertise this directly, but sign up and see what you get.

Captain D’s Club
Not only do you get a free meal on your birthday, but you get a coupon for a free meal right when you sign up for the D’s Club. That’s a fish of a deal.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill Amici Club
You won’t get a completely free meal on your birthday with this club, but you will get coupons and special deals and there will be something thrown in for your big day.

Chevy’s Compadres Club
You get special birthday treats with membership to this club. It just might not be a full free meal, but they’ll slip you a little something-something.

Chili’s Email Club
You get something free just for registering for this club, but something special for your birthday should be included as well.

Cold Stone Creamery Cold Stone Club
Sign up, add all of your family members to your account, and wait for the sweet goodies to arrive in your email. You get something just for signing up as well as sweet treats on your birthday.

Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club
What’s better than a free meal on your birthday? Free ice cream cones on your birthday! Dairy Queen offers you that as well as a BOGO blizzard coupon just for joining their club.

Denny’s Rewards
You can get special discounts by becoming a Denny’s Rewards member. There are rumors you can also get a free Grandslam if you dine in on your birthday, but there is nothing official online on this. Check your local restaurant for participation.

Firehouse Subs Happy Sub Day to You
Just walk into any Firehouse Subs and show I.D. proving it is your birthday and walk out with a free medium sub. This is one of the best free birthday meals because you don’t even need a coupon!

Friendly’s BFF Club
Friendly’s needs a new BFF…and they aren’t shy about buying their friends with ice cream. Be their BFF and everyone in your family will get birthday ice cream.

Fuddruckers Fudd’s Club
Join the club and get something special for joining, for your birthday, and even on your anniversary!

Hometown Buffet eClub
Join the club and get discounts for your birthday as well as something just for signing up. Use this same form to get birthday deals from these related companies: Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, Fire Mountain, Country Buffet, and Granny’s Buffet.

Hooters eClub
Possibly the most exciting club for adults…well, boy adults anyways…sign up and get a special hooter call when your big day arrives.

Houlihan’s Email Club
Swing by your favorite Houlihan’s restaurant and redeem a free meal on your birthday!

IHOP Pancake Revolution
Get a free meal on your birthday as well as a free meal just for signing up! On your one year anniversary with the Pancake Revolution you will get another free meal.

Jack in the Box Secret Society of Cool People
You may or may not get a free meal on your birthday with this club. They will give you some special deals and coupons and more than likely a treat for the big day.

Krispy Kreme Friends of Krispy Kreme
The website doesn’t promote this, but there is rumor of free donuts going around to special birthday friends.

Moe’s Southwest Grill Moe’s E-World
Special birthday wishes from Moe to you.

On the Border Club Cantina
It’s been going around that you can get a free appetizer when you sign up for Club Cantina’s free birthday meals. Could it be true?

Orange Julius OJ Quench Club
Something orangilicious is on its way every year you’re in the club.

Papa Murphy’s eClub
Sign up for the free birthday meals club, buy a pizza on your big day, and get free cookie dough!

Perkins eClub
Perky deals for your birthday and all year round.

Ponderosa eClub
Free birthday meals? Fill up with a complimentary steak dinner when your big day rolls around.

Quiznos Q Club
Join the Q for an instant $2 off coupon and something special for your birthday.

Red Lobster Overboard Club
Join at least a week before your birthday and you will receive a special birthday deal. (Ironically, as I type this, it’s 4 days before my birthday.)

Red Robin eClub
Make a free burger your birthday meal and get something today to seal the deal! Note you do need to pick up a card from a Red Robin restaurant before you can get these free birthday meals deals.

Ruby Tuesday So Connected Club
Get a free burger on your birthday just by getting connected!

Schlotzsky’s Bun & Fun e-Club
You get lots of discounts with this club, but a free birthday sub may also be included.

Smokey Bones Bones Club
Get a $10 off coupon when you join the Bones, but birthday gifts come later.

Smoothie King Kingdom
Join the Kingdom for special deals…there may be a BOGO coupon in town for your birthday. Yum! Free birthday meals!

Sonic Cruisers Club
Drive up for a special birthday meal and deals all year round.

Souper Salad Souper Fresh Club
Not quite free birthday meals, but join the club and get a healthy discount for your big day.

Spaghetti Warehouse Club
Join the family and get a free meal on your birthday and perhaps a sundae to go with it.

Steak N Shake eClub
Receive a little something special for your birthday and other big days of the year.

Taco Cabana eClub
There’s nothing like free tacos for your birthday!

Texas Roadhouse VIP
Become a VIP member and get a free appetizer or perhaps some ribs for your birthday.

TGIFridays V.I.P. Member Program
Something special for your birthday…and something just for signing up!

Unos Insider Club
Birthday gifts come once a year, but Uno’s keeps giving all year long.

Waffle House Regulars Club
Waffle House loves its regulars! Sign up for an appreciation gift on your B-day.

Wendy’s WendyMail
What’s a little WendyMail when you get free food? Adults just get a coupon for discount but the kiddos can eat completely free!

Wing Stop Email Club
Large order of fries for your big day, coming right up!

If you can’t get a free meal on your birthday, you’ve done something wrong! There is something for everyone on this list of free birthday clubs. But remember, your mileage may vary.

As time goes on, companies are constantly changing their terms and programs. Please drop me a note if you find that something has changed.

And now, stop over to the free birthday clubs page where we will take you through establishments that give you more freebies and give your kids treats for birthdays.

Have you ever recieved a free meal on your birthday? If so where?

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