Ways to Save Money

Easiest ways to save money? Reduce your common household expenses with these money saving techniques. Believe it or not, but it is much easier to spend less than it is to earn more. Find your strategies to save money here, and stay a stay at home mom.

You probably came to this page to find quick and easy money saving techniques to save you drastic amounts of money each month. Well, here’s the thing.

Reducing your expenses and truly setting yourself up for financial freedom is neither quick, nor easy. It takes dedication and careful planning, and some time. But for those who are truly motivated, the results are more than worth it.

For many families, it is believed that the easiest ways to save money is to make more money. They simply have mom work outside the home. It seems logical; she’ll be bringing in more money, so the family can live more comfortably. But, believe it or not, returning to the workforce is not the best option for the majority of moms with small children. Often, it can cost a family money to have mom work outside the home.

The Cost of Working Calculator

Budget – One of the Easiest Ways to Save Money

The first step towards reducing common household expenses is to figure out what you are currently spending your money on, and to plan what you would like to do with your money. Yes, this means, a budget!

Now, somewhere throughout time, the word “budget” has gotten a bad rap. That’s silly! With so many options to fit your lifestyle, your budget should be personalized and effortless (after you get it started), making it number one on the list of easiest ways to save money.

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  • Organize Monthly Bills
  • What to Include in Your Budget
  • Mvelopes Budget System

Debt- The Worst 4-letter Word

Got your budget together? Perfect. Now its time to talk about something altogether less pleasant in the strategies to save money world. Debt. That evil monster that haunts so many of us.

Understand something right now: debt, all debt, is bad. I don’t care if your debt is credit cards, student loans, a vehicle, or even a home (yep, I said a home). Debt is bad. And the following resources will help you get out of it.

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  • About Payday Loans
  • About Bankruptcy
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Housing Money Saving Techniques

The largest expense most families have each month is housing. Whether you own or rent a home, this expense can be staggering. There are several money saving techniques to reduce your housing expenses, even in this economy.

Some are rather out of the box ideas, but in this day and age, out of the box works! Here are the easiest ways to save money on housing.

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  • Live Full-Time in an RV
  • Own a Home without a Mortgage
  • Get in on Foreclosures
  • About Refinancing and Home Equity Loans

Easiest Ways to Save Money on Insurance

Every year or so, it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to check out the competition when it comes to insurance. Obviously, if you are getting your health insurance from your husband’s place of employment this might not apply to you, but for those who buy these services themselves, a 10 minute call can add up to hundreds in savings; some of the easiest ways to save money. Do you have all the insurance you need?

This is an area that many young families neglect until it is too late. Make sure you have the coverage you need. Spending money on insurance might not seem like the best of the strategies to save money, but believe it or not, being protected is a very valuable money saving technique.

  • $5,000 Money Saving Mama Challenge: Save Money on Insurance
  • Life Insurance Options
  • Auto Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Reduce Medical Expenses
  • Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance


Another large expense in most households is transportation. With the rising costs of gasoline, and the purchase, repairs and maintenance of a vehicle, this may be a big area where you can trim common household expenses. Following some of these money saving techniques can be some of the easiest ways to save money each month.

  • $5,000 Money Saving Mama Challenge: Reduce Transportation Costs
  • Get a Free Car

Other Common Household Expenses

Are there other common household expenses that you can get rid of? Often, these are the easiest ways to save money. There are nearly always places to improve on monthly expenses. Like the gym membership you have never used. Or the DVD club you don’t have time to watch.

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  • Cell Phone Service


Believe it or not, but you can actually save money by giving your kids an allowance! Scary thought, right? But think about all the money you spend on a day-to-day basis for little things. A toy at the grocery store here, money to go to a movie with friends there. It adds up. Get ready to view allowance in a way you never have before, and count it among the easiest ways to save money in your home.

  • $5,000 Money Saving Mama Challenge: The Allowance Solution

Giving and Saving

These two topics are very often overlooked in our society (that is, America). We do not learn much about them when we are young, and quite often fail to teach our children as well. Strangely, once you start to eliminate excess expenses, you will realize you have more than enough money to give and to save. Learn the easiest ways to save money…your own!

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What is your favorite way to reduce your expenses? What has been the biggest way you’ve saved money?

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