Best Grocery Coupon Resources

Looking for coupon websites that will match store sales with grocery coupons and rebates? The best grocery coupon sites are listed here, helping all stay at home moms with their frugal coupon living efforts.

The biggest reason why so many people all across the country are hesitant to get involved with grocery coupons and rebates is that it is time consuming.

After learning about frugal coupon living, one needs to stay on top of all the store sales on a weekly basis, matching the best grocery coupon with the best sales price.

Then the shopper needs to actually go to the stores to buy the items! But, thanks to the internet, there are coupon websites out there that do the hard work for you!

I’ll tell you about my favorite coupon web sites, and what makes them the best grocery coupon sites on the internet! You’ll be ready to kick start your savings efforts with these tips!


I have seen a lot of grocery coupon websites that help you save money AND time by matching up your sales and coupons for you, but this program takes the cake. It was because of coupon websites back in 2003 that I learned how to successfully become a frugal coupon user, and it literally changed my life.

This program,, can change yours too. Savings Angel sets you up with a coupon mentor to help you get started. The website puts together a list of all this weeks deals at all your favorite stores, then tells you what coupons match your deals. They even tell you where to find the coupons!

There is a fantastic message board where users share all kinds of tips and non-coupon deals and freebies. If you are seriously interested in getting the most out of your coupon usage, I highly recommend

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Go to

It’s here! Finally, here is your opportunity to learn how to coupon like the pros. Over 90-minutes of video instruction available in Couponing: The Extreme Video Course with Rayven Perkins.

Learn how to save 20-90% off your food and toiletries bill. Watch your videos instantly, and start shopping tomorrow.

Complete 14-part video course accessible online. Instant access.

Couponing: The Extreme Video Course

Coupon Links

Stay A Stay At Home Mom is dedicated to offering a solution to slashing your household expenses and we have a new feature on the website!

Easily save up to 60% off your grocery bill with printable coupons from sites such as, Hopster, Redplum and Smartsource.

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Our personal favorite is the IT’S ALL FREE deals list! Every week we update these lists with the current sales and coupons available so be sure to bookmark the pages on your computer for easy access every week!

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Want to know Rayven and Marissa’s cheat for the question, “what’s for dinner?” Simple. eMeals.

We don’t have to sit down and plan out our menus each week – which is a super important money-saving activity – because the wonderful folks at Emeals do it for us!

And you can get a 14 day free trial! Sign up now – it may be the best way possible to free you from the expenses of not knowing “what’s for dinner”!

Local Coupon Resources

In addition to, you’ll want to seek out some local coupon resources. What do I mean, when talking about coupon websites, about local resources?

Well, each area of the United States has different regional stores, and each of the stores has different grocery coupons and rebates deals, so for the best grocery coupon deals in your area (and Savings Angel does have TONS of stores listed, but not all), you will want to find a local coupon mom who keeps track of the sales.

For example, here in Texas, I have found a great, free site, Your Frugal Buddy. I’ve signed up for the email newsletter and they send me an email every time something new is posted to the site. Works great.

Seek out coupon groups and couponers in your area. The next time you’re couponing in your favorite store, look around. If you see another mom with a coupon binder or file, chances are you’ve found a friend! Strike up a conversation! See if there are coupon get-togethers in your area!

Do you use different coupon websites? If so what are they?

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