Sell Your Hair – And Make Money

Sell your hair; sell my hair.

Let’s all learn how to earn money quick and be money making moms!

If you’re planning to cut your locks anyway, or are looking for a change, your long, thick, healthy hair might pay for gas money, some Christmas gifts, or a cheap vacation.

Read on and learn how you can earn some simple stay at home mom income.

I’m planning to sell my hair soon. It’s 24 inches long, extremely thick…and its almost summer. Normally, I would just cut it off and be done with it.

But I just learned that there are people out there willing to buy it! So, I’m going to sell my hair, and you can sell your hair too!

Remember the touching story about the poor newlyweds who wanted to get each other something terrific for Christmas their first year married? Her most prized possession was her glorious hair. His most prized possession was an antique pocket watch.

He decided she needed beautiful combs for her luscious locks, so he sold his pocket watch to buy tortoise shell combs. She decided to buy him a gold chain for his pocket watch, so she sold her hair to buy it.

In the end, they had both sacrificed their most treasured possession for the other. A real sweet story.

This story reminds us that the business of buying and selling human hair has been around for quite some time. Though the concept of “sell my hair” seems novel, its really not. Money making moms have been using this as a source of stay at home mom income for centuries.

Sell Your Hair

Here’s the scoop on selling your locks and how to make money quick.
Prices range from around $200-1,000+Hair must be 10+ inches long; the longer the better

Hair must be bound in ponytail or braid; no loose hair

Virgin hair, which is hair that is not dyed or treated, sells better

Prices ranges for thickness, color, etc

Who Buys Hair?

The main types of people who buy human hair when you sell your hair are those looking to make human hair wigs for clients all over the world.

Some of these clients are cancer survivors, others are simply people looking for an instant change. This legitimate industry pays top dollar for quality hair, and does something constructive with their purchases.

There is also a group of people who buy human hair for the purpose of making other sorts of products, such as high quality artist paint brushes. Then there are the hair collectors. Some are just connoisseurs of various types of hair, and have collections.

Others are a little more scary. There are those out there who have hair fetishes.

Where to Sell Your Hair

Though you can place an ad to sell your hair on eBay or Craigslist, you probably will only receive pennies on the dollar at either location. There are special places online specifically for selling your hair.

Safety Precautions

When selling your hair, make sure that you accept Paypal only for payment. There are several scammers out there who will try to tell you that they have sent payment via money order, and get upset when you don’t get the fictitious money order. They will waste your time, and may become verbally abusive.

Money making moms: make sure that you only ship your hair after payment has been received. In the case of shipping hair overseas, make sure that the buyer understand that he will be responsible for customs duties. It’s sad that I need to mention this, but as stated above, there is a certain section of the population which has hair fetishes, and they reply to ads for hair for sale.

These people often volunteer to cut your hair for you, suggest meeting in a hotel room to do so, or may ask that you videotape your hair being cut for them. They may even ask you to act during the filming, as though you are getting your hair cut against your will. It is said that they make copies of these films and resell them online.

I mention this not to scare you; so long as you do not volunteer personal information or actually met any of these people you should be just fine (this is a really good source of stay at home mom income and how to make money quick), but I mention it so that you are aware that this happens in the hair for sale community. Simply open a free email account while selling your hair that you can dispose of afterwards, never give out any of your personal information, and use some common sense and you will be fine.

Donate Your Hair

For those who do not wish to sell their hair, but would like to donate it to charity, there are several programs out there that will take hair donations.

Locks of Love

Wigs for Kids

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Or you can sell your hair and donate the money to a charity of your choice. This way, you can be sure that the hair you donated has actually been used (and not thrown away, as often happens) by the charity, and you can choose any charity that you are fond of.

Have you sold your hair for cash?

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